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It would be really nice if cards automatically sorted by deadline in each of the columns. I see no real reason for them to sort any other way (you have options for sorting by Assignee or Category, which is fine). But it makes much more sense to sort by due date so the very top cards are the most pressing.

Going through and updating status of ideas according to our new way of working. New process works as follows:

1. When you post a new idea that we consider valid, we will label it 'Open to vote for', so that it can be shared with other users and start gathering votes
2. Ideas that are support-related, already exist in some manner or non-implemented ideas that are older than a year and that have not gathered enough votes will be Archived.
3. We keep some older ideas that we think are in line with something we are planning otherwise or that have gathered enough votes.
4. If there are duplication of ideas, we may archive one of them and keep another which can continue to gather votes.
5. Ideas that we are planning to implement will be moved into the category 'Accepted'

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