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Hi Susanne,
thanks for your feedback! What is the reason for the user wanting to find the card notification e-mail?

If it is to get a link to the actual card, you can also search for the card id directly in Projectplace. Restrict the search to "Boards" only and the specific project to narrow down the search. Note! The card id is displayed when hovering over the search result.

Could this be helpful?

Best regards

Hi Ylva,

Yes, that’s actually what I told the user. But she is looking for the notification email because people will sometimes reference card numbers in verbal conversations or emails outside Planview. She wants to be able to quickly search through her messages to find related notifications. I gave her the search option as something she can do now, but thought it might not be tough to work the card ID into the notifications.

From my perspective as a project manager, there are also certain cards that are high priority, and I know the card numbers because I’m watching them. If I get an email with that card number on it, it will quickly grab my attention (more quickly than the card title). Not saying the title should go anywhere, of course. But maybe the number could be there too.

Thanks for your quick response.

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