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Thanks for you feedback! I have now received an answer from our partner Mikogo and they plan to release this feature in the end of Q2. However it is difficult to say exactly when Projectplace will be able update to this feature too.
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Greetings Silvija, when I use Meetings to communicate into China I run into issues with poor internet connectivity possibly because of Chinese State Fire Wall. During these times Participants are dropped and re-entering Meeting is very confusing for them. Also, in some cases I will see multiple entries of a User in the Participants List as they re-enter. Another issue is the Chat Box is tiny. In cases where VoIP is poor I rely on the Chat Feature but it can be painful. Regards, Brandon

Hi Brandon!
I would suggest that when you have problems with current functionality that you contact our support at Regarding the chat box being tiny I suggest that you post another idea for this as this is an improvement of existing functionality. :)

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