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Hi Petter!
Thanks for your response! There is a plan to improve the Document app later in 2016. What that will hold has not yet been specified, however this idea will serve as an input to that work.

Best regards,

Greetings Silvija,
When Files are uploaded directly into Card from Computer it is not possible to access the File if it is not recognized by Projectplace Document Manager (App). For example we work with 3D-CAD STEP Files and once uploaded from Computer there is no method to retrieve the File. The reason why is because the 3D-CAD Software is required to Open the File through its interface and not the other way around. What is required is the ability for Projectplace Document Manager (App) to offer an option to Save File onto Computer.
Workaround today is to manually navigate Projectplace Download Folder to Find File that is saved to Computer during Projectplace Document Manager (App/Client) execution.
Regards, Brandon

Hi Brandon!
We support the possibilities of being able to open any files when you have the correct program installed on your computer. I have not heard any case so far where you can´t open files even if the correct program is installed. With uploaded images on cards you can download it but with this I get unsure. I would suggest you contact our support to see if they can help you even further on this matter.

Best regards

Greetings Silvija, this only affects Users that do not have Native Software to Open File on their Local Computer. If they need to access the File just to transmit it their workaround is to find the File in the Projectplace Download Read Only Folder. This is not easy to explain to everyone and having a Save As Copy to Local Computer option in the Document App would be helpful. Regards, Brandon

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