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Silvija Doncev
Silvija Doncev

Silvija Doncev


Hi Bjorn!
Thanks for your feedback! I am sorry to hear about how you have experienced Projectplace so far.

When we have new customers there are different ways in we help our customers to get started. First we send out onboarding emails. In those we link to our Projectplace Help where we have a getting started guide.

I would really recommend that you visit our Getting started guide in Projectplace Help. It works as a “check list”, like you ask for.

We also have couple of instructional video too that can help you. Here we work hard on continuously updating with new fresh videos.

Regarding our document apps. In the service we have the yellow banner in Documents where you need to click on the link which then takes you to our Projectplace Help.
There you get the information you need in order to know which document app that best suits you. Our latest app is Document Manager and the one that we always recommend. But if you really feel unsure about the choice please don´t hesitate to contact our fantastic support at

What do you mean by this? “ALso have decription how Things happens when link is missd.”

As I said, we are sad to hear about that you don´t trust Projectplace, but do base that on understanding which Documents apps to install or what is the biggest pain for you and your team members?

Best regards,

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