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We share Planview plans of customer projects with customers and collaborate through Projectplace. Not everything from the plan must be shared and visible. An option to not use the Planview to PP interface is not a good one.

Hi there at ProjectPlace,
we have recently introduced boards in our work while we have not expected at all, that the plan and boards are visible to every user. We therefore absolutely support this change proposal and ask for a quick solution. To us it is not logic to have groups with decent access rights for documents but then to share all planning and Kansan with everybody.

Hi Harmut!
You can set access rights on boards as well. That is something that you do per board. Here you can read more about this.

Regarding access rights on Plan this is something we plan to investigate soon. What level of access rights do you need to set on the Plan? To be able to hide activities for certain groups?

Best regards

Dear Silvija,
thank you for picking this up so fast and responding.
right - it seems that it works despite that in the user management it says that all members have access - see attached screenshots
actually we would prefer PLANS (plural) to have a plan per board with the same access rights on group level as it is given in the boards
ADMIN View: we do not understand the tick box on enabling tools. Also there is a contradiction on users rights - see attached screen shot

Hi Hartmut!
Thanks for your input and screenshots. Yes, I agree that when you are in a group details pane and try to set access rights that it is misleading saying that all can access boards. We will change this text to make it more clear that access rights are set per board. Thanks for input.
Regarding PLAN: If you are requesting for a new feature that is offering more plans I would suggest that you create a new idea from this as this idea is limited to work with one plan.
ADMIN View: So in Administration tool you decide which tools should be made available for the members. However for some tools there is also the possibility to specify this on an additional level. We are aware of this difference which we have talked about but unfortunately not been able to prioritize right now.
Best regards

DIMELO - innovation management specialist