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Hi Anton!
Thanks for sharing your idea with us! We do have a way where you can hide/unhide projects in the project menu. If you are a member of many project, you can hide some of them to make it easier to navigate to the projects you visit often.

To hide a project:
Click on Projects in the top navigation bar.
Put the mouse cursor over the project you want to hide. A star appears.
Click on the star to hide the project.

To see all hidden projects, expand the Hidden projects section at the end of the projects list. Click on the star on a hidden project to unhide it.

Does this solve your problem?
Best regards




Dear Silvija.. great and smart solution to my needs! Thanks a lot! Greetings from Berlin, Anton

Hidding projects is not working the new updated version from 26. October 2016. So please Projectplace remove the idea and solution for previous version of Projectplace. And repeat solving this issue again in the new version from 26. October 2016. If you have many projects you can't hide them, you have a long list of projects.

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