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I hope you change your mind on issues development. Having one location for the project plan, documents, tasks and open issues is very powerful and issue management is a critical part of any project.

Hi Silvija,

Like Rick mention in earlier comments that issue management is very critical to track issues in any project. We have almost everything in the app (Android, as I am not sure about iOS app), why it can not be incorporated to support this issue management as well ?

We can go through the mobile app for documents, it's very nice, but at the same time, it will be very difficult to open laptop during the travel for going through the issues every time as we can not see the issues in Project place android app.

Hi Silvija,
I observed that you had replied to the most of the ideas that "Right now we do not have any plans for improvements", what does it mean ?

If we don't improve our application further based on the feedbacks/suggesstions/ideas/bugs/... whatever we call it, then it's of no use have it. We can't sustain in this competitive world as others can offer more features in the mobiles applications. Almost all the people are using smartphones in this world and it became part of our daily life, so how many features we incorporate our features in the mobile app, that many positive feedbacks will be coming up, else one has to drop from this competitive world.

I hope you understand my point.

DIMELO - SocialCRM software editor