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Hi Wieteke!
Thanks for your feedback! The meeting mail that I generated uses the same type, height and color (see attachment) so would be happy to see if this is what you also see? I am a mac user so maybe there could be a difference in the presentation. I would actually say that because it is so much alike this could make it difficult to find important information.

Regarding the phone numbers we are showing those that are most frequently used by customers and the link below that then takes you to the additional numbers that we have. But we will take this into consideration.

Do you usually also have a lot of members invited to the meeting because I then see that phone numbers get pushed down further down in the list which makes it a bit difficult to spot them easily.

As of now this is not something that we have any immediate plans on changing but I agree that there is some room for improvements regarding the layout.

Best regards




Dear Silvija,

Thank you for your message.

The titles 'Meeting type - Online Meeting' and 'Session ID/Access code....' have a heading, therefor these are displayed differently in our overview.

The chaos is also because of the dotted lines. Not all places are filled, therefor you see dotted lines, some blanc enters and then dotted lines again. It doesn't look really clear that way.
If you just make the titles bold (When, where, meeting type, purpose, participants etc) it will be better readible.

We indeed invite a lot of participants, so the telephonenumbers are pushed down and not to be found easily. Maybe this can be exchanged.

We are looking forward to some changes!

Kind regards, Wieteke - Uniresearch.

DIMELO - innovation management specialist