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Hi Holger!
Thanks for sharing you input with us. Too bad you can´t use Zapier. As of now we don´t have any direct plans of adding a per-board-mail-address. However we do have plans in Q4 this year to work on a concept of project/team inbox. So here I see how your idea can work as a good input to this. If you have any thoughts on this please let me know.

I know a colleague have helped you a bit further on this issue and I really hope you can stay with us a bit longer to see if this can be something we will implement.

Best regards




Zapier makes the monthly cost higher for no reason since you could take the functionality you already provide in "issues" and add that to cards. I've tested Zapier with cards and it works fine, accept for the fact that you do not allow Zapier to store the e-mail attachments to the card. Therefore this is not a valid option for us. So +1 for me!

I agree. We need an easy way to create Cards via e-mails. In my organisation we are up against Trello - I think that if Trello can do this, then Projectplace shuuld be able to do this. It does not Work for us with Zapier and additional costs and administration.

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