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Silvija Doncev
Silvija Doncev

Silvija Doncev


Hi Kristin!
Thanks for sharing your idea! Great to hear that you are using the checklist. However we do not have any plans right now to include checklists in the global search functionality.

However in order to find what a member do we always recommend that you instead of adding members to checklist that you try to break down the work so that each member that works on something has their own card that they are assigned to. In that way you can then group by assignee. Do you use activities in the Planning tool? If you feel that you need to keep a group of related cards together a suggestion is that you work with activities in the plan and then connect your cards to it. Then to get an easier overview of related cards on the board you then group the board by activities. It would be interesting to hear how you work in Projectplace today.

Best regards

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