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Also some insiparation from the current Wikipedia's project (Wikidiata). I did not put it in the idea because this is probably too adanced for current needs.

It could be a good idea to propose type of database where fields usage on items are flexible. I mean that you have the basic fields and when a user create a new item in the database he can add a new field that will become an optional field for other items as well. This type of user contributed optional field can be hidden in a + button until it is officialised. This is very usefull for materials databases for examples since all types of materials don't have the same types of caracteristics available.

In a very advanced version, fields could have basic semantic relationship. For exemple :

Phone (physicial product)

  • Processor : Intel i10
  • Catalogues : Range 1, Range 2

Will become :

Phone (physicial product)

  • HAS Processor : Intel i10
  • IS PART OF Catalogues : Range 1, Range 2

This ise usefull later to make advanced searchs or to define a bill of materials.

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