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Hi Thibaut!
Thanks for sharing your idea with us! I am happy to inform you that later now in autumn you will get a new updated My overview. You will be able to prioritize your work in the order you want. Something new is that you will also be able to create your own personal tasks. Clicking on a card you will still be in My overview and be able to set cards to done without having to go to that board.

We had an idea about showing the list per project but right now we have decided to wait with this and see how the response is from our users. But you will be able to see the project each card in the list belongs to.

What do you mean with your comment "would be to able to drag and drop cards from the full list in the My Shortcut list"?
What have you set as shortcuts?

Hope you will be able to work in My overview instead of a paper once this is released.

Best regards,

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Thanks, it is a good new.
About the comment: "A quick hack to get something like this would be to able to drag and drop cards from the full list in the My Shortcut list." It was a workaround to get something like this somehow working quickly. A card in the shortcut list could be considered as a priority. Currently cards cannot be put in the shortcuts list. ...But this is not anymore needed since you are planning on implementing a real priority list.

(sorry for double post, you may delet the nonymous comment)


Interesting. With the new release I can't do this anymore: "In My overview I have a list of cards I can order by deadline.

Why is that? I could it in the old "version", but now I have to reorder it manually. I don't get it! Is it a bug?

Sorne Sogaard, Head Admin, Municipality of Herning

Hi Søren!
This is not a bug, the idea is that you now have the power to set your own work order and prioritize yourself when tasks should be done. We will of course follow up and see as time goes by if we hear this need from more users.

Best regards

OK, we need it. I have program managers who are involved in 10-15 Projects with a lot of Cards in each project. They usually looks at the dates, what is next on my list according to the dates?

DIMELO - social media platform editor