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Hi Gary!
Thanks for sharing your idea with us! Regarding showing who is participating only based on who is writing in the comments section this is not something being planned for. However in the beginning of next year on the roadmap we plan to work on something called "card contributors" which will make it possible to add information about which members are part of the card.
Please let me know if you think that card contributors might be of any help related to this idea.
Best regards


That would certainly be a good start. I don’t know that it will give me what I’m looking for, though. I need to know who all has actively contributed to a card’s conversation such that when a member makes a new contribution to the conversation, he or she knows who all will be notified of the new contribution. Will this pending “card contributor” feature provide this information?


I don´t know exactly how it will work but it will be more about actively adding members so don´t think your case might get covered. So you might then need to see how you could make this coming feature fit in with your need as there are no direct plans to for your idea to be built right now.

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DIMELO - innovation management specialist