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Hi Thibaut!
Thanks for your feedback! We have an add-on called Workspace requests with purpose to capture ideas for new workspaces to be executed in Projectplace.

It doesn´t offer the other things you mention such as being visible in Portfolios and adding KPIs. During the spring we plan to improve Workspace Requests and then this could possibly work as an input to this work effort?

Please let me know your thoughts around this.
Best regards


This would be a great help.

We could imagin an icon in portfolio view to display / hide projects ideas.

Projects ideas could share some KPI with real projects. In example we want "Previsional costs" but not "Actual costs".

It may be intersting in a second step to have a strategic Kanban view with columns :

  • Project ideas not yet reviewed by management
  • Projects to be launched (Project manager needs to be attributed)
  • Projects ongoing
  • Projects closed


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