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Hi Andreas!
Thanks for your feedback! By wrongful access do you mean for instance persons who are no longer working in the workspace and needs to be removed? Thankful if you could add some more input to the background behind this idea. How do you solve this today?
Best regards




Hi Silvija, although additional access rights can be set per group / folder / board, it's often best to keep a relatively open access policy for project members. Audit check per document can be easily done per document in the system.
Such a report would help to do the following checks which cannot be done today:

  • See access from strange locations (based on IP address; less likely with enforced 2FA)
  • High number of documents downloaded by a person which goes beyond what the person is actually using (sharing with outside parties?)
  • Abuse of privileges while on project/working for company
  • People which still have access to a specific folder or entire workspace but shouldn't (e.g. also revealing that a person was put into a wrong access group)

The last point can currently be checked by reviewing the members of workspace access groups per workspace.

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