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Hi Angeline!
Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! On our roadmap for this year is to develop a feature called Card contributors. It is not the same as assigning multiple members to a card but you get the possibility to have one assignee and then add those that contribute to the card. How exactly this will work I will leave to the development teams but I think this will help you in your work.
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This is perfect. As long as they can easily follow the cards, that will work. We'll be on the lookout for this feature.

I think the most urgent need is number 1 below. That both people assigned see the card is assigned to them on the boards and their overview and reminders include cards they are a contributor to or assigned to with someone else. I think the management of specific tasks between the two assignees and updates can be managed well enough through comments and a simple checklist.

Ideally, it would be nice to have the checklist be more robust with each item having its own assigned and due date....but as a second priority.

Others expressed that they are ok with using comments and removing from cards when completing, but there is concern about reporting out later on the card - example if you download it etc would it still show up later that you did this or would all traces be removed?


From an urgent perspective we do prefer number 1, then we can define how we manage the checklist within the team, maybe through comments as mentioned. It will be better if each checklist item can be assigned separately but let's start with the simple way.
Thank you.


Thanks for taking time and adding more input to this investigation!

Jennifer, it is great that you also add ask about how we later can track contributors also when downloading the board. It is also something we need to take care of. Do you today download the board on regular basis?

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Hi. I think both would be great but personally the priority would be to option 1. Being able to see the status of the card for all people assigned would be a great enhancement. Peoples names can always be added to each checklist item or indeed individual cards created for the if required.

Normally people would download possibly once a quarter or every 6 months to get an idea to help prepare for some quarterly reviews, but I would put that as secondary to after the multiple assignee is implemented.

Hi Silvija,

could you conclude on the investigation on this? I also think it would be most urgent to have the opportunity explain in option 1, i.e. adding contributors to a card besides the assignee.


We would prefer option 1 and as new users to Project Place we are having a difficult time migrating to this system without it. We have a multi-functional team of designers, developers and testers for one function and so having the "Contributors" function is a basic requirement for us. I am also in favor of the "Watcher" concept recommended by Geri Genovese on Jan 11, 2018. That would suit our needs as well.

Thank you Projectplace for looking into this!! This is an option that our team DEFINITELY needs, and is struggling to make full use of Projectplace without this feature. We would be happy with either option 1 or option 2 - though we prefer option 2 (assign people to checklist items). We also think option 2 is versatile - it can be used to meet the same needs of option 1, as well as other needs as well.

Agree to the previous comment - please enable this asap. I would say option 1 keeping it simple to start with. At least from my side the possibility to easily see who in a team is involved is most important. Then more advanced things could come after that if needed.

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