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Hi Kim!
Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! Right now this is not something that we have any plans for changing right now. So I will still refer that you use Knowledge base as it does update in workspaces when template is updated. You can also copy content from Knowledge base to your document archive as a suggestions and then be able to edit that content. We will later on this year update Templates and then this will work as an input to that work. I am curious to hear more about what you mean by saying that some material makes more sense if they are directly in document folders?


We are using the document folders in full for all project documentation. Many times you have templates for all kind of deliverables which is always in the same folder. It is just more efficient to have the templates already in the correct folders instead of "moving" them from knowledge base into the document folders. Sometimes when you have new project members they can also be placed in "wrong" folders which is just confusing. Hope this makes my statement more clear.
/ Kim

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