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Hi Marcus!
Thanks for sharing your feedback! It seems like you are referring to the older plug-in?
I also had to check with how it works with "Projectplace for windows/mac" app. This behaviour doesn´t exist but only saves to a new version once you close the document. That is then also reflected in the daily report. Is there a way that that these users could install "Projectplace for windows" instead?
Meanwhile I will follow this up with our developers and see what input they have to give.
Best regards

I use the really old plugin with a windows dialogue box. It does not exhibit this save behavior.
So I thought it was the new one.
But you are saying that there is a newer one that deos not work like this.
If so, I only need to ask people to upgrade, right?

Please be specific. Plugin versions and types for pp is a bit of a jungle.

BR! /marcus

Hi Marcus!
Yes, we advise for all users to use "Projectplace for Windows" or "Projectplace for Mac" if possible. You can read more about it on this great help page where you also get instructional videos on how to install.
Best regards

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