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Hi Susanna!
Thanks for your feedback! When the check list was designed the thought was to not make it too complex and difficult to overview but just keeping it short with the to-dos for the card. It looks like your example holds numbers only or do you also have cases of longer texts for a checklist item? If it is very short piece of information you want to add, why is it not possible to have it in the text field for each check list item? I am curious to understand your need even better. Thanks!
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Hi Silvija!

Thank you for the fast reply!

We need it for both shorter and longer information. For example to specify something in numbers but also more information, maybe a sentence or two.
We find it more confusing and time consuming to use the textfield because you then have to specify which checklist point the information is related to.

We are working on creating a project template to be used on all of our customer implementations because they are handled the same way in project form. So we want to have a thought-out template with all necessary information and checklist points to ensure the quality of our delivery and projects. Some of the checklist points needs to be completed by the Projectleader who gets the input from the customer. Then the PL assigns the card to the administrator to complete the tasks. We want to use PP as far as possible and not use documents unless absolutely needed.

Hope this describes my needs more ☺

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Thanks for further information around this. It is always interesting to hear about customers use cases in order to understand the needs better. I do really think that is is great that you try to build it up from a project template. Right now our strategy is still to keep a check list very simple and do not have any direct plans right now to change this. I would like to see what happens with this idea after some time and see if it get more votes.

Soon we also plan to release card dependencies where you can set a relationship between cards. Could this be something of interest? Would it be possible to instead of the checklists be that you break down the check list items into cards and then connect them them? This way you be able to have other possibilities of how to work with the information on cards.
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