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Hi Brandon!
Thanks for your feedback! So when you click outside the details pane on the board we trigger the details pane to be closed which means that when you try to expand an activity the opened details pane is closed. Is that what you mean?
However I am trying to understand what you mean with the card ID. Is it that when details pane disappear that you only can find the card you are working on only by ID and not by the title of the card?
I will talk to the designers about this and see if we could add card ID back to the details pane.
Best regards

The Card ID is the unique number assigned to every Card. It is one method to quickly search for a Card. Also, in the Board View it is easier looking for the Card ID in some cases then trying to scan the Card Description.
It is especially annoying when you Mouse Click away from the Card Property Pane and the Card is no longer highlighted it is simplest to Search using the Card ID Number.

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