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I agree that it should be able to drag and drop documents there. I think there's a bug preventing it. However, you can still copy or cut documents from other containers and paste them in the "Important Documents" window.

Fully agree. I'd have thought there would be an additional item in the actions menu when you click on the "up/down" symbol at the end of a file name. Double uploading of large files can be a real issue and is very time consuming. Seeing as ProjectPlace is all about improved efficiency, this should be a no-brainer for PP and a relatively simple fix.

Ray Smith
Ray Smith

Ray Smith


This would be a great feature. I would not want to 'copy' a document into this area (or upload again), not because of the size issues, but because you then loose all the meta data, version history and security of the document.

This featute is perfect for linking to a few 'Must Read' documents (Business Requirements, Main Design Specification, Project Plan etc...) i.e. for new project members.

I would prefer if "important documents" would be some kind of a view (set of links) on documents that have been uploaded to the documents area and have been flagged as important instead of a copy. It should be possible to remove the flag either in important documents or documents. The cherry on the the ice would be if you implement a functionality to structure those links under important documents independent from the structure below dosuments.

We will implement this in a new way very soon. There will be a public documents folder in Documents that you can make avaiable to stakeholders through the project site. No separate upload needed.

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