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I am missing this to.

It works if I first drag the email or its attachements to the desktop and then onto the new Powertab (PP Plug-in 5.0).

I will ask our developers if is technically complicated to implement a solution for dragging objects to the Powertab directly from Outlook. It should at least be more easy to implement than dragging from Outlook to a folder in the web browser.

If this suggestions get many votes a solution could end up in future versions of Projectplace Plug-in during 2009.

For those of you that have not yet tried the new Powertab function in Projectplace Plug-in 5.0 please visit:

Great! Using Lotus Notes and is very annoyed that I have to keep putting documents on the desktop when I either must attach in an email that I want to go from Notes or when I will transfer the documents to the project site by mail.

I would suggest you use the strength of Projectplace to work for you. Instead of communicating through e-mail you can use the review function to share information. In the end e-mail was created as a way of communication but is now more and more turning into an archive.
By using Projectplace you can overcome all the negative sides of e-mailing information around: the information cannot be intercepted because you only sent a link around, one is transparent and complete in the communication because on can trace back and find all information, no more different versions, anytime anyplace.

A great suggestion, Paulo! Unfortionatly a large company can`t so easily switch from lotus, ms outlook etc. to pp. There are many functions like booking cars, meetingrooms, rescourses in these mailingsystems. There are also restricted policy due to calendarvisibility. Often when converting from one system to another, it requires that the entire organisation switch. When PP is used as a projecttool, only a part of the orginasation will need to use it.

In my corp. there are only four company (yet) that uses pp. And many comp. dont need it at all. But, as Mattias request, i also (desperatly) need outlook "talking" to the newest plugin!

ps: i dont have time to use my dictionary for spellchecking

So please, make this happen!

I really love the possibility to upload documents from Office applications to PP. However; this possibility of the new plugin does not apply to Outlook.

Is it possible to create the same upload button in Outlook in order to get attachements directly into PP ?




It would be so greate if it was possible to drag and drop from outlook to projectplace. It is very unefficient to have to save the documents on the computer first.

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