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The copy function works like you described. It creates an additional document and the history of that document starts when it is created. And the history etc. of the original document still stays with the original document. However, if you cut and paste or drag and drop the document between folders the history, comments and everything else come with it.

I hope this clarifies the issue for you.

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Karolina Jackson-Ward

Simon Poignant
Simon Poignant

Simon Poignant


Yes, OK.
But the properties don't follow the document for me when I drag and drop in Projectplace.
A. If I do menu > cut and then menu > paste the properties (like date, created by etc.) remain the same.
B. If I do drag and drop it is like deleting the document and then uploading it: Today's date is set and my name is the new created by. (I would like it to be the same action as A.)

I have IE 6 and some version (how do I check?) of PP plugin.


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