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Hi Åsa,

Thanks for a really interesting post. It is always hard to know which way to go with new windows/ instances. We basically have 4 different option here and if I tell you why we decided to implement it the way we did, maybe you and other users could give us feedback on which option you like the most

1. We could open, like you suggest, in the tab that is already open.

-The problem here is that if there is information that you have entered in that window already and not saved, the information will be lost. This could, for example, happen in the time reporting window.

2. We could open a new tab in the webbrowser.

-This is how we originally had implemented the Powertab but we re-designed after negative feedback about this from beta testers.

3. We could open a new tab in the Projectplace web browser, if you have that open, but open a new window if you are not using the Projectplace web browser.

-In this case we would check that you don't have any other sites open in the browser and react accordingly. You would get all your Projectplace tabs in one window and other sites in other windows. This is a new idea we have but it might be similar to no 2

4. We could open in a new window.

  • This is the way we decided to go. It leads to a lot of open windows.

It would be really nice to hear what you and other users think about this!


Hej Karolina,
Jag är inte säker på att jag förstår skillnaden i förslag 2 och 3 men antar att förslag 3 är mer likt 1... om man inte har någon osparad post?
Jag skulle absolut föredra det. Ev att jag får en varning att jag har osparade poster och en fråga om jag vill gå vidare eller inte.


Thanks Irina,

Always useful with another person's view on this. I would like to see a lot more comments to ensure that what we actually do is something that will benefit a maximum number of users.

Best regards,

DIMELO - social media platform editor