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Joachim Schirra
Joachim Schirra

Joachim Schirra


Dear Ian,

I agree that you have a point regarding the search capabilitis in Projectplace. I also mentioned this in a very similar suggestion where I asked for Google like search capabilities. But what you ask for is acutally the usage of the google search engine to improve the search.

I agree, that something like a rating or score of the Google search and the underlying algorithms would be quite beneficial, but I don´t believe that the usage of the google search engine would be a good idea for the very simple reason of - Data security & Data protection.

This is a very critical point and Projectplace frequently emphasizes the message that they invest lots of money in regular security audits, penetrations tests and so on. Companies are reluctant in the beginning when it comes to the suggestion to store sensitive project documents outside of the company where theoretically there is no control what happens with the information. So the relationship of trust develops only slowly. But when Projectplace really used a service like Google to search for the documents, then I would be very reluctant to use projectplace. I don´t know in detail what the Google search engine really does when it searches on my desktop or on file systems of service providers...

However, if Projectplace developed a search functinality similar to Google or Microsoft Vista, that indeed would be great. Here I am totally with you as you can see here:

Best regards,


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