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Joachim Schirra
Joachim Schirra

Joachim Schirra


Hmh, Harald, the problem I see is that the de facto standard in probably 90 percent of all companies around the world (o.k. let´s say in the industrial nations, not so much in develloping countries) is Microsoft office.
But maybe your dream becomes reality already in 2010. As far as I can see by having a look on the respective Microsoft product management blogs, office 2010 will provide the same office applications in the web with powerful collaborative online editing functionality. If this becomes true, then the integration into projectplace would be probably comparatively trivial... That is also the reason why I believe Projectplacelabs need to skip their experimental trials of textflow (Nordic river). The idea or approach was pretty good, but given the upcoming Microsoft functionality, they are a little bit too late...
But since I agree with your idea... Three points for you. ;-)



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