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These issues are kind of hard to "support" when you're off site, but I'll try to give you some hints:

  • Make sure you exit ALL browsers. Shut down PowerTab (right click the icon in the systems tray) as well if you have that installed.
  • Go to the login page as stated in the instructions.
  • Select "Tools" (at the upper right in your browser) and "Delete browsing history...". Under "Temporary Internet Files" click "Delete files...". Under "Cookies" click "Delete cookies..." (for all you IE8 users, be sure to deselect "Preserve Favourite Website Data"). Click "Close" and DO NOT reload the page after this.
  • State your credentials and log in.

That should do it. Please let me know if not.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your feedback. I you have emptied you temporary internet files and you still have the old interface, please contact us on and we'll help you get started.





Hi Team,

Thankyou. Not sure what happened the first 3 times I tried, but it worked this time. Steps I took were the same as you described.

Thanks for your help, and will post further feedback during testing.


New release candidate of the visual interface will be out very soon. All of you who have tested the new interface beta will automatically get the updated release candidate. Thanks for helping us with the testing and don't forget to give feedback, comment and vote.

All the best,

DIMELO - social media platform editor