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Hi Jan,

Thanks for pointing this out. Each user can of course see all their assignments on their own overview...and all the project's meetings/tasks/issues/milestones for up to 60 days on the Project Overview page. I agree that it can seem a bit inconsistent that the information is not available on the Meeting Overview.

For now, I will follow the voting on this...and advice you to use the Project Overview page to see future project work.

Best regards,

Hi Karolina, I agree with Jan that it would be great to be able to customize the time span in the meeting overview. The Project Overview only shows the meetings that I am participating in, but if you are interested (i.e. the Projectplace administrator) in seeing all project meetings in the future, you have to go to booked meetings and configure the view here.

It is just that You always go through the Meeting overview (to get to the booked meetings), so why not be able to configure this view as well?

Hope you will consider this functionality again :)

DIMELO - innovation management specialist