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I am sorry, but no, these solutions are not very practical.
Option 1: I can just as well receive e-mail and then move the document, but the point was having one central location.
Option 2: Could be practical for enterprise users, but we are still determining whether to continue or not to use projectplace. Could also end up in total chaos when you have several projects and even more vendors.
I mentioned Vendors as an example, but within every Project there are various groups that need varying access levels. I would have though it a simple solution to be able to generally define access as "None" and then for a single folder define it as R or R+W, but currently it is only possible to decrease the level of access right and provide access by a multitude of exceptions.

Thank you for your time though.

I totally agree with Helgi. Not practical and add too much unnecessary admin overhead.

There are certain information we will not want to share with our vendor or even customer. I'm working in a System Integration company and we have to implement projects for customers and we commonly partner with other vendors to deliver the project.

This is a very important feature to have the ability to set different access rights for each folder or subfolders. Otherwise, the tool can only be used by internal staff and not to be shared with customers and vendors. This defeats the purpose and I don't have a very big team of PM. With each of them managing multiple projects with no administration help, it will be a nightmare for them to maintain separate project document repository.

Besides Documents, same goes to Issues Tracking. Some issues maybe for internal and not to be shared with customers or vendors. We do not want wash our dirty laundry in front of our customer or vendor right?

It will also be a nightmare for me as a PMO Head to go outside of ProjectPlace to audit the quality of projects run by my PMs and how complete is the project documentation.

I'm surprise that this is not a common request to have this feature incorporated. Maybe they are big organisation with their own document repository.

But the idea is to have everything in one place.

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