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Just a long call with PP support and they claim this is due to a Microsoft update!! That forced them to change the plugin. When I asked if I could go back to the old one she told me that no, this was something global running on Microsoft. I find this strange but don’t know enough to say it is wrong.

So the solution is now that PP forces all their users to have IE as the default browser. They say that we can use other browsers with a document manager but this document manager does not have drag and drop, something I have used from when I installed Windows 3.11 back early 1990’s.

One way or the other, PP solve this ASAP.

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For the exactly same reason i posted the following "idea":

"When starting PP via PowerTab our Browser (Firefox) is opened instead of the PowerTab Screen. Because we don't use MS IE, the Drag&Drop functionality is not working anymore.

This is not en improvement, it's a step backwards.

Let the Customer/User decide which Products (PowerTab, FireFox, MS IE) they want use instead of patronize them."

After i posted the "idea" i had a some response from other users but now they have eaven closed my idea.... I don't like this attitude... a shame....

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