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    We haven't decided whether this should be implemented

    A couple of times every month we sit down and go through the top ideas with this status. They will then be prioritised against what is already on the list of development. If we decide to continue with this idea it will be given a priority.

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    Sometimes we need to look at how we can solve something in more detail before making a decision. Then we will put your idea in this status while we look at it.

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    Something that is being developed right now.

    Something that is being developed right now. If it goes through the testing it has a high chance of getting released in the next few months.

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    Ideas that have been implemented.

    Feedbacks that have this status have been implemented.

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    When the idea is to be a problem that we cannot reproduce, our support will look at this and help you.

    I will put your post here if you present a problem that we cannot reproduce, i.e. something that seems to be specific to your set up or project. In these cases our support department will be much more efficient in troubleshooting and helping you.

    Please contact them at

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