[Projectplace Ideas] Last ideas [Projectplace Ideas] Last ideas en https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/ Thu, 20 Jun 2019 11:33:12 GMT Thu, 20 Jun 2019 11:33:12 GMT ideas Private activities separate from cards Mauro Chiara <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>I think it would help, if the private activities would be displayed in a separate box. For example on the left side just above the &quot;last visited boards&quot;.<br />This way they will allways be visible for me. Otherwise, if I sort my activities by workspace, they will be at the bottom.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Thu, 20 Jun 2019 13:33:12 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179477-private-activities-separate-cards https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179477-private-activities-separate-cards 179477 0 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/10346511 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/768646ba6bd27728/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new My overview My overview Advanced cards from Checklist Mauro Chiara <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>I find the idea to turn Checklist-Points to cards very useful. Nevertheless I still see improvement potential in this function:<br />My idea is, that when you turn a checklist point into a card, that it doesn&#39;t disappear, but instead creates a link to the new card in the checklist. So this &quot;Checklist card&quot; will always be connected to the original task.<br />Also once the &quot;Cecklist Card&quot; is finished. Instead of staying in the board it could move back into being a checklist point and be marked as done.<br />Simultaneously it would be a good idea, that all the comments and documents on the &quot;Checklist cards&quot; would be added to the origin card. So all the information about the task would be in one place.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Thu, 20 Jun 2019 12:38:02 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179476-advanced-cards-checklist https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179476-advanced-cards-checklist 179476 21 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/10346511 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/768646ba6bd27728/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Boards Boards Outlook PlugIn - Add Personal Card to Overview Kindra Blumentritt <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>Outlook currently has a plug-in that allows you to &quot;add card to Projectplace&quot; - to a specific workspace/board. It would be just as helpful to add a card to your Projectplace Overview - that does not pertain to a specific workspace/board.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Tue, 18 Jun 2019 16:21:12 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179471-outlook-plugin-add-personal-card-overview https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179471-outlook-plugin-add-personal-card-overview 179471 -1 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/12658318 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/316c62750ce052ba/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Integrations with Projectplace Integrations with Projectplace Indexing of content Endre Aas <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>An extended search for document content is highly needed. Without possibility to search for words/content in most common file types, it is sometimes impossible to find the right document. <br />This would lift the application from boyscout version to a company tool.<br />Cheers.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Mon, 17 Jun 2019 12:52:56 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179465-indexing-content https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179465-indexing-content 179465 0 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/7129376 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/b86cc7841af1e3e0/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Documents Documents Allow HTML Addition on Pages Joe Rossi <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>Implement an administrative feature that allows admins to insert HTML onto either all pages, or a specific page/board (think similarly to a content editor web part on SharePoint). This would allow admins to fine-tune content or integrate with one-off solutions based on the added content. This type of content would allow for additional content to be displayed dynamically, or allow for custom scripts (e.g. javascript) to be embedded into the page.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Thu, 13 Jun 2019 20:24:24 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179460-allow-html-addition-pages https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179460-allow-html-addition-pages 179460 1 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/11056047 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/76ee6654ffe09e15/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new General General Ability to link one card to multiple boards Kindra Blumentritt <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>If our department has a workspace they use to manage the status of their work, but then the project work itself is managed in individual project workspaces, we&#39;d like the card(s) to live in multiple workspaces/boards and if you update it in one location is updates it the other locations(workspaces).</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Wed, 12 Jun 2019 15:37:13 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179455-ability-link-card-multiple-boards https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179455-ability-link-card-multiple-boards 179455 5 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/12658318 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/316c62750ce052ba/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Boards Boards Include Card Count and Card Completions on Plan Michael Havison <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>Include Card Count and Card Completions on the Plan (Gantt) regardless of the duration of the plan activity. Make it the default and configurable.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Wed, 12 Jun 2019 15:36:35 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179454-include-card-count-card-completions-plan https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179454-include-card-count-card-completions-plan 179454 2 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/13097115 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/f9efc3321fb444b2/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Plan Plan Add secondary assignees to board download Ruth Cameron-Errington <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>Please can you add the secondary assignees to the board download so we can see the field in our reporting?</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Mon, 10 Jun 2019 15:37:49 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179451-add-secondary-assignees-board-download https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179451-add-secondary-assignees-board-download 179451 8 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/13229884 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/36df22aa15d5573e/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Boards Boards Ability to download multiple boards at once Ruth Cameron-Errington <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>We are currently downloading the boards to feed some bespoke Power BI reporting - downloading from individual boards takes some time however, could we have the option to download multiple boards at once?</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Mon, 10 Jun 2019 15:36:08 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179450-ability-download-multiple-boards https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179450-ability-download-multiple-boards 179450 11 1 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/13229884 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/36df22aa15d5573e/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Boards Boards Add custom fields to grid view in Documents Sandy Schleuning <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>I added a few custom fields to help organize my documents, but the custom fields do not appear as columns in the grid view, which limits their helpfulness. I would like to be able to flag custom fields to show/not show in the grid view for documents.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Thu, 06 Jun 2019 15:19:55 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179444-add-custom-fields-grid-view-documents https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179444-add-custom-fields-grid-view-documents 179444 1 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/13209773 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/30e694d3b5cda8eb/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Documents Documents Review & read only licence type Shaun Winstanley <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>I&#39;m constantly getting push back from people who would like to use the tool but don&#39;t want to pay for an approver of documents or read only licence type and as such go to another supplier who give this for free against a full paying licence.<br />This means we loose out on the full licences and these other types of users who could be potential full paying users as they see the benefits further down the road, can we do anything?</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Tue, 04 Jun 2019 11:53:06 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179433-review-read-licence-type https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179433-review-read-licence-type 179433 0 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/9499775 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/5aa4a315231a9202/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new General General no "copy of" prefix on card names Lance Sloan <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>When I copy a card to a new card, I don&#39;t want &quot;Copy of&quot; prefixed to the name of the card. I made one card with everything on it, then I copied it for two other people. I thought I&#39;d just be able to edit the assignees of the three cards. However, I ended up with &quot;Copy of…&quot; and &quot;Copy of Copy of…&quot; cards, so I had to edit the titles, too.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Wed, 29 May 2019 20:56:18 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179429-copy-prefix-card-names https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179429-copy-prefix-card-names 179429 1 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/13167346 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/852395ef97aa4f14/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Boards Boards search by username or email address Lance Sloan <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>When I&#39;m given the choice of adding people to a card or a team, etc., if I enter their username (the first part of their email address), they are never found. I&#39;m used to using my colleagues&#39; usernames on many, many systems (Google Enterprise services, GitHub, Trello, Twitter, etc.) and it just works. It would be helpful if searching for people worked whether I enter their username or their full name.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Wed, 29 May 2019 20:52:48 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179428-search-username-email-address https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179428-search-username-email-address 179428 0 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/13167346 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/852395ef97aa4f14/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Teams Teams activities on multiple boards Lance Sloan <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>My org. has boards with many, many activities on them. My workgroup is only interested in one of those activities 99% of the time. We&#39;d like to have a board with only our activity on it to remove the clutter. At the same time, we&#39;d like the activity to remain on the busy board where it already resides, so that others in the org. can see our activity, easily move cards from other activities to our activity, etc.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Wed, 29 May 2019 20:22:41 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179427-activities-multiple-boards https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179427-activities-multiple-boards 179427 1 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/13167346 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/852395ef97aa4f14/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Boards Boards next milestone instead of first milestone Manuel Moser <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>In the Portfolio Tab, when you are opening the quick status of an Project, there is a layer: first milestone and the aktual milestone is only shown as finished. <br />My idea is to show here the next Milestone from the projekt Plan. <br />The Stakeholder is only interested in the next milestone and if there will be a delay.</p><p>So we would have: <br />First Milestone (Projectstart)<br />Next Milestone (from the Projectplan)<br />Last Milestone (from Projectplan)</p><p>Instead of:<br />Aktual Milestone (only shown as finished)<br />First Milestone<br />Last Milestone</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Wed, 29 May 2019 15:38:36 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179424-next-milestone-instead-milestone https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179424-next-milestone-instead-milestone 179424 3 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/12956711 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/c3f59e2baafb6a20/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Portfolios Portfolios http://dimelo-ideas-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/1030/44142177f5b83f7f/milestone_projectplace_medium.png image Milestone projectplace.png 200 62 Custom fields available on indiviudal boards Thomas Paulik <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>Individual custom fields should be available on dedicated boards only. Based on Card templates it would be great to see custom fields only in selected boards: E.g. Priority and agreed solution on cards from a certain board. <br />To make this fully feasible please introduce different card types and add customized cards incl. customfields to templates. <br />See also <a title="Introduce card types for risks and issues" href="https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179422-introduce-card-types-risks-issues">https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179422-introduce-card-types-risks-issues</a></p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Wed, 29 May 2019 13:15:12 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179423-custom-fields-available-indiviudal-boards https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179423-custom-fields-available-indiviudal-boards 179423 2 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/8215239 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/daffaf9f38ba52d8/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Templates Templates Introduce card types for risks and issues Thomas Paulik <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>We have been informed that the Issues module will not be further developed and will be discontinued. <br />Using boards with normal cards does not fully meet our needs.<br />There is a lack of possibility to distinguish card &quot;types&quot;. For example, issues or risks should be displayed separately in the personal overview or the team overview (e.g. show me all risks or issues in my projects).<br />In addition, there is no (workflow-) option to inform a person or group when creating a card (by e-mail). It is also not possible to contact the sender directly out of the card. <br />To display different issue types by labels has not proved to be practical. A cross-project list of all issues/risks is also necessary for our work.</p><p>Therefore, it is urgently necessary to have a separate category or module for issues in the future.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Wed, 29 May 2019 13:08:27 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179422-introduce-card-types-risks-issues https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179422-introduce-card-types-risks-issues 179422 2 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/8215239 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/daffaf9f38ba52d8/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Boards Boards Personal Gantt Charts Kailey Whipple <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>It would be great for our visual-people to be able to see a Gantt chart of their assigned projects in the &quot;My overview&quot; section, also available for the teams. The list of cards due is helpful, but for visualizing the time needed and expectations for the next week, few weeks or month a personal Gantt chart would be ideal.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Tue, 28 May 2019 21:12:51 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179421-personal-gantt-charts https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179421-personal-gantt-charts 179421 0 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/13162074 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/da40dcd2a8355056/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new My overview My overview Display more than one milestone Marco Doll <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>It is better to show the next following mildestones instead of only the actual milestone.</p><p>this could be displayed as the follwing</p><p>actual milestone in project<br />xxxxxx xx.xx.xxxx</p><p>next following milestones in project<br />xxxxxx xx.xx.xxxx<br />xxxxxx<br />xxxxxx<br />xxxxxx</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Tue, 28 May 2019 13:57:23 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179420-display-milestone https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179420-display-milestone 179420 0 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/12740672 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/0241ef30ec976716/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Workspace overview Workspace overview Ability to move an activity to another workspace Michael Vavlitis <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>It is currently possible to batch select and move cards to another workspace, but it is not possible to move an activity. It would be beneficial to be able to move an activity to another workspace to serve as a template.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Thu, 23 May 2019 22:15:44 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179407-ability-move-activity-workspace https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179407-ability-move-activity-workspace 179407 0 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/12971243 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/eac5f77231ebd070/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Plan Plan Board Filter Enable-Disable Toggle Button Brandon Lee <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>Please add quick method to Enable-Disable Filters Applied so that Users do not need to clear Filters and then re-apply Filters repeatedly. Most of the time I have my Scrum Team Filters applied but then when I want to see other Teams I remove the Filters but then need to reapply when I want to go back to my Team&#39;s Cards.<br />... maybe Naming Filter Sets can be useful also such as Team 1, Team 2, Team...</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Thu, 23 May 2019 20:12:14 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179406-board-filter-enable-disable-toggle-button https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179406-board-filter-enable-disable-toggle-button 179406 1 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/8610764 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/5003c99fdbb671b6/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Boards Boards Notification when assigning someone to a card who has reached already the maximum of his hours available Marcel Merz <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>Today I can assign as many cards as I want to the same team member on the same date and plan as many hours as I want. Only if I go into the workload overview I will be able to see the result of the assignments.<br />I am missing at least a notification as soon as I assign a team member to a card, which alerts that the member I want to assign has already reached his limit on the corresponding date. Jumping back and forth between the plan / board and the workload overview is complicated.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Thu, 23 May 2019 17:04:35 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179405-notification-assigning-someone-card-reached-already-maximum-hours-available https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179405-notification-assigning-someone-card-reached-already-maximum-hours-available 179405 2 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/9688898 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/657936a174b0dfea/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Boards Boards Give a functionality of blocking a card Marcel Merz <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>Today blocking a card only visualizes that a card is blocked. But anyone in the workspace can still edit it and change the status or the due date. I am missing the functionality to give only the creator of the card the right to change the beginning and the due date and the description. Like this a Project Manager could assure that a card assigned to a team member will not change without his permission. Blocking a card could be exactly this functionality.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Thu, 23 May 2019 16:53:42 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179404-give-functionality-blocking-card https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179404-give-functionality-blocking-card 179404 5 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/9688898 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/657936a174b0dfea/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Boards Boards Editing and saving changes of a document on a tablet Marcel Merz <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>If I am using Projectplace with my tablet and I open a document within a workspace and do changes in the document then I cannot save the changes directly in Projectplace. I have do save the document locally and upload it again to the card or the workspace. This makes working with documents complicated. If I was able to edit and save the document directly in Projectplace with my tablet, then it would save a lot of time. Go and vote for this idea :-)</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Wed, 22 May 2019 12:13:26 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179401-editing-saving-changes-document-tablet https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179401-editing-saving-changes-document-tablet 179401 3 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/9688898 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/657936a174b0dfea/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Documents Documents Access rights for document tags Edwin Lindholm <div class="body "> <div class="body-hd"></div> <div class="body-bd"><p>Right now anyone can add a new tag to a document. In larger projects with a lot of members it would be good if we could limit who is allowed to add tags through the use of access rights. This will make it easier to manage the tags.</p></div> <div class="body-ft"></div> </div> Wed, 22 May 2019 09:22:57 +0200 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179399-access-rights-document-tags https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/feedbacks/179399-access-rights-document-tags 179399 0 0 https://projectplace.ideas.dimelo.com/users/12054896 https://dimelo-users-production.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/identity_avatars/a8ed196f0ef0c705/avatar_normal.png?9e70d43 new Documents Documents